Sonum is International

Sonum is International

Our team at Sonum is international, and we want to show you exactly why! We would like to introduce Valeria Toncovidova from the Latvian office of Sonum.

The dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of Valeria is apparent in everything she does. The combination of her financial education, international background, and banking experience has helped her develop as a consultant.
Valeria is able to communicate with you in English, Russian, and Romanian. As a consultant, she is committed to providing the most value to her clients and to meeting their business needs through Anaplan.

What attracted you to working at Sonum?

The flat structure and the vast variety of experiences one could have within the company. Both the diverse range of projects to implement for different clients around the globe and the freedom to choose your best fit growth path within the company itself.

What qualities are important to have as a consultant?

You gotta be very curious. Can’t come up with all the right questions without the right amount of curiosity in you.

What is your favorite memory of being at Sonum?

My very first trip to the Madrid office has to be my favourite. It was a “first” in many aspects – the first post-covid business trip for the Riga office, the first ever business trip for me, the first time in Spain for me, the start of my first Sonum project…The Madrid trip was a perfect chapter-starter!

Describe Sonum in three words?

Free-spirited – no pre-defined structures, no boundaries for creativity or ambitions, just a bunch of talented people encouraging each other to realise their potential.

Innovative – everyone always on the lookout for improving our ways, no rigidity and no hostility towards change.

Excellence – the level of attention to detail of each service we provide? Insane. Care for the customer is the focus on each step of the implementation.

What would you say to your new colleague who just started at Sonum International?

Put effort into solving the point you’re stuck on before reaching out to colleagues, but don’t feel like you have to figure out everything on your own. Give it a try yourself, but reach out if you cannot figure it out on your own. Oh and if you feel like your question is dumb and you are shy to ask it – reach out to me. I had to google once “how to spell 2”, no way your question is more embarrassing and no way I can judge anyone after going through that.

What does your typical day look like at Sonum?

The start and end points of my day are pretty flexible – sometimes I have to start earlier to catch-up with APAC stakeholders, sometimes I start later and end later for the meeting with the US stakeholders. I try to stack all or at least the majority of my meetings for the day either before or after lunch. I prefer to split the day into a collaborative part and a “building” part whenever possible. Having most of the clients living way further to the South than me, no summer day goes without everyone being jealous of my blissful Nordic summer weather, and no winter day goes without me being jealous of everyone’s days that have more than 5 hours of daylight. I really like having the clients scattered across the globe – one day I am learning very niche British slang jokes, another day I am explaining to the folks in Japan what Eurovision is.

People would be surprised if they knew ___ about Sonum

How transparent everything is. There are no big and heavily protected secrets, and people are extremely open about ongoing processes and upcoming changes, everyone’s workload is pretty transparent and there is no stigma in talking money with anyone in the company. When things are sane and just, there is no point in having secrets, which should be a workplace common sense, but sadly is rarely the case. I like that we are the rare exception 🙂

Want to join our international team?

Want to join our international team?

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