Connecting Business, Finance and IT


Here you will find a list of the industries where we have more experience in.



Sonum International acts as the connecting factor between finance and IT. By tailoring innovative tools to the specific customers’ needs our goal is to simplify planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. This leads to satisfied clients who can direct their attention to the truly value adding activities of their business


Within Sonum professionals grow by extending their competencies through projects. We have experienced consultants with over 10, 15, and even 20 years of implementation experience still supporting our customers to model the best solutions. Through numerous projects in different industries and covering over 20 different use cases, we have grown a vast knowledge base that is put to work for our customers.


E-commerce is the electronic transaction conducted for a business with a commercial purpose, or it is more commonly known as the process of buying and selling physical items or services online. E-commerce is more popular than ever before. For many businesses and people, e-commerce is replacing brick&mortar stores as the preferred way to enhance market penetration and shopping.


Today the market is changing at a faster pace than ever: shifts in customer behavior, challenges in production and logistics, and trade uncertainty make a robust planning process a necessity rather than an advantage. The industry is particularly exposed to market risks as products often have short shelf-life, meaning production and logistic capacities must respond immediately to the changes.



Financial Services

Banking and Insurance companies are challenged by digital-native competitors and increasing regulatory pressure. The user-experience and responsiveness as expected by today’s customer requires company-wide transformation from product-centric to a customer-centric organization. This requires flexible planning models supporting the operations while forecasting optimal changes based on accurate and complete information.


The pharmaceutical industry entails discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of medications. Each field is very complex, and needs to follow strict regulations and norms.


Retail is the sale of goods to the public or consumption rather than for resale. This is something we collectively take for granted on a day to day basis, but this sector is under pressure to retain consumes since the recent rise in online marketplaces.


The telecommunications, media and technology sectors connect people and organizations worldwide to the digital society. The companies need to constantly adapt their business models to new technologies that are emerging on the market.


Utility companies provide us with our most basic needs; water, electricity and gas. As stable as this industry has historically been, it is facing it’s largest transformation ever. Increasing competition and regulatory changes have to be combined with an environmentally friendly approach adopting new technologies.

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