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Our story

The Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, South Africa, Germany, Portugal, UK and Poland.             

Sonum has a strong experience implementing systems in an international environment.

Our Story


Sonum has a strong experience in implementing systems in an international environment.

Our story

Our story

Below you will find the timeline to know the main milestones in Sonum’s history.

Creation of Finext


Finext is a consultancy company based in The Hague with in-depth knowledge of industries, themes and technologies. Its philosophy is to create trust, establish links and amaze our clients in order to give ample scope to craftsmanship. 

Creation of Sonum International


In 2010 four Finext consultants founded Sonum to carry out projects around the world and not only in the Benelux. At Sonum International we believe that consultancy is team work. In our team everybody has got her or his unique expertise. 

Creation of Sonum Iberia


In 2014 Sonum begins its expansion process after founding its subsidiary in Madrid. In this way, Sonum was able to recruit Spanish talent and start serving customers in this market. 

Creation of Sonum CPM


In 2018 Sonum adds a new leg to its business line by incorporating an entire team focused on consolidation processes.

Creation of Sonum Nordics


In 2019 Sonum continues its expansion in Europe by opening a new office in Riga (Latvia) with which it intends to increase its potential in the Nordic market.

Creation of Sonum SA


Sonum opens its first office outside Europe to be able to serve its clients on the African continent

Creation of Sonum Germany


In 2020 Sonum takes the step and starts operating in Germany. The Sonum team is ready to support German clients

Creation of Sonum Portugal


Continuing its geographical expansion, Sonum opens an office in Portugal. The Sonum team is ready to support the Portuguese market. 

Creation of Sonum UK

January 2021

Sonum opens an office in UK to support the UK and Irish market. 

Creation of Sonum Poland

June 2021

Sonum opens an office in Poland to support the Polish market. 

That’s how we became Sonum

Our passion

Our passion is to help our clients improving their planning & budgeting cycles with proven customized and automatized to truly value adding business processes. Sonum is the concatenation of the Greek words Sophia and nummus. Sophia is the Greek Goddess of wisdom and nummus is the Greek word for coin and together they stand for the wise allocation of the coins within our clients’ organization.

Our services

Sonum is specialized in Budgeting & Planning & Consolidation and Supply, Demand and Operational processes . The services we deliver include:
– Business Process Definition
– Context Analysis and Design
– Implementation
– End user Integration
– Quality Reviews & Project Recovery
– Project Management & Software Selection

Our vision

Our vision is that building long and trusting partnerships with our clients is one of the core foundations of our being. We try to achieve this by being a truly valued honest advice-giving and deliver quality work as implementation partner. We agree on a simple set of core values in order to achieve this, such as integrity, reliability and diligence.

Our references

Our experience makes us unique! Our blend of accounting, business, technology and industry expertise make our delivery capabilities unique. With our broad range of experience on several topics, we make sure to deliver upon your expectations.

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Client Focused

Our network

By working closely together with several partners from our network, Sonum is able to offer great implementations and is able to include partners if their specific expertise is needed for improving your business strategy even more. Find below the partners that help us take our business to an elevated level.

As working professionals, we enjoy working together with other partners that really bring some added value to the table. All firms within our network has its own expertise. We however, work according to the same principles, norms and values. This is how great ideas, quick links and extraordinary results arise.

We share our way of thinking and working within a network of companies. Based on trust and characterized by commitment, creativity and entrepreneurship. We find our shared principles so important that we have given our ‘DNA’ a name: Qwinc.

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