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Keyrus is an Anaplan Global Partner and Anaplan’s AMER 2021 Partner of the Year. This award recognizes partners for their role in helping customers transform their business through Connected Planning. Keyrus has grown its performance management team in the United States, Europe, and LATAM, and has over 100 unique Anaplan clients. We have teamed up with Keyrus Asia to develop local teams in China, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Together, our combined expertise ensures successful implementations of technical solutions in the APAC market. Learn more in our official press release!

WeVision is originally a spin-off company from Oulu University research project providing cost and profitability analytics with an innovative managed service. WeVision helps to shed light on the true cost of doing business in different channels, customer segments, and product mixes, by turning client data from source systems and business operations into true value-adding business insights and intelligence.

Alongside WeVision, we will accommodate the Nordic region with the best in line technical solutions. You may learn more in our official press release! 

Qwinc network

As business professionals, we enjoy working together with partners that bring added value to the table. All of the firms within our network have their own expertise. However, we still work according to the same principles, norms and values. This is how great ideas, quick links, and extraordinary results are created. 

We work in a network of companies that is based on trust and characterized by commitment, creativity and entrepreneurship. We find our shared principles so important that we have given our ‘DNA’ a name: Qwinc.

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