Sonum is International

Sonum is International

We want to share with you why Sonum is such a great place to work! Please allow us to introduce Mikhail Ergyun from the Sonum Poland office!

Having worked as an auditor and corporate controller, Mikhail is passionate about developing innovative solutions to help businesses succeed.

Mikhail has an international background that allows him to operate effectively in a global business environment and achieve outstanding results for his clients. Besides English and Polish, he speaks Russian, Turkish, French, and a little bit of German and Spanish. While he is not working, you will find him traveling, playing and watching football, or spending time with his family and friends.

What attracted you to working at Sonum?

Three main factors attracted me to working at Sonum. One of them is the passion for modeling and solving complex problems that I developed during my internship in Corporate Controlling.

Sonum offered me an opportunity to work on international projects for clients operating in different industries. I was attracted by the fact that I can develop my technical skills and gain a lot of valuable knowledge related to how other companies operate and do their planning. In addition to that, I was enthusiastic about working in a company with a flat corporate structure, where everybody can share their ideas and bring added value to the project. Finally, I really enjoy working with people from different countries. The International aspect of Sonum was the icing on the cake.

What qualities are important to have as a consultant?

I believe that the ability to perform successful implementations depends not only on technical skills but also on communication and project management skills. I think that proactiveness and being a good listener are key to understanding our clients’ planning processes and proposing solutions that will make these processes more efficient.

What is your favorite memory of being at Sonum?

I have a lot of great memories, it’s tough to pick only one. The first one that came to mind after reading this question was the day before my first business trip to Vietnam. On the Friday before the trip, like every other Friday we all met at the office, and had a burger for lunch at the restaurant beside our office, Brooklyn Burger (which is our tradition at the Polish office, we even have it on our calendars). When we all returned, a surprise was waiting for me at my desk as the team pitched in and got me a small ‘going away’ gift.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your time at Sonum?

How important for your well-being it is to have a corporate culture based on trust and mutual support.

Describe Sonum in three words?

Smart – A combination of experts with over 20 years of experience and young and ambitious people willing to grow and excel.

Diverse – 15 countries and 25 languages spoken, diversity is our strength!

Happy – Employee well-being is at the core of Sonum’s values, happiness is the key!

What are you most proud of at Sonum?

How fast I was able to adapt myself to this new environment and being able to bring added value to the projects I was working on.

What would you say to your new colleague who just started at Sonum International?

Be patient, learning a new tool may be easier for some and more difficult for others. It is important to maintain focus and believe in yourself. Every person I worked with at Sonum was very supportive and available to answer my questions, so take advantage of that and ask many questions!

What does your typical day look like at Sonum?

It’s difficult to describe a typical day at Sonum. There are days when I need more focus so I decide to stay home and focus on my project work. On Fridays, we always meet at the office as a team, but we also spontaneously decide to come to the office on other days. The keyword that describes our culture at Sonum is flexibility. We don’t have strict rules regarding how we do our job, as we believe that we are all different. Some people work better alone, while others like being surrounded by people and constantly sharing ideas. The most important thing is to do our job well and be happy at work 🙂

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Want to join our international team?

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