Sonum is International

Sonum is International

Sonum is truly a great place to work, and we want to share with you what makes it so! We would like to introduce you to Jort Cuperus from the Sonum Netherlands office!

Having worked with Sonum since January 2020, Jort has been involved with quite some international projects. He thrives on complex challenges and knows how to solve difficult problems.

As a highly experienced consultant with expertise in FP&A, S&OP, and statistical forecasting / AI, Jort is the ideal consultant for your Anaplan project. In his spare time, Jort enjoys sports (such as running, biking, football, sailing, surfing, and squash), travel, and exploring nature.

What attracted you to working at Sonum?

I was attracted to work at Sonum because of the self-serving teams, and freedom. At my previous company, I missed big, international opportunities and the possibilities to challenge myself. While working with Sonum on two more than five projects, their team continued to grow and expand to new markets.

What qualities are important to have as a consultant?

An important quality for a consultant is proactiveness; having to prove yourself to new customers (firms) every time. In addition, you should be approachable, knowledgeable, have good people skills, mediating skills, and clear in communication.

What is your favorite memory of being at Sonum?

My fondest memories at Sonum would have to be when I had the opportunity to meet with colleagues or customers from different places. For example, taking part in a work week in Zeeland, or attending the development training program in Warsaw 2021, or traveling abroad to customers. Additionally, some of my best memories have been solving hard/complex tasks under pressure. That can give me quite a good feeling.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your time at Sonum?

An important lesson that I learned while working for Sonum is to listen to your body. Having a proper work/life balance is so important to not overwork yourself and get burned out.

Describe Sonum in three words?

International We have offices everywhere and meet people with all kinds of backgrounds.

Independent – No manager structure, proactively doing several things, actively ask your colleagues if you need them.

Ambition – Extending your horizon and being able to get the best of yourself.

What are you most proud of at Sonum?

Accomplishments/contributing to the team, helping other people excel. Not giving up. Being polite/staying calm against customers/clients even in hard situations.

What do you wish you knew before joining Sonum?

How nice it is to have two months off (while switching between jobs) to completely free your mind haha. Just kidding, but couldn’t think of anything else.

What does your typical day look like at Sonum?

There is no typical day for me at Sonum. Sometimes I start later (10/10:30) and work out exercises before I start. However, sometimes with APAC, I have to start early, or on the other hand, working with the US I have to work until late. Overall, hours are very flexible.

I might need to build certain things in models, check in with customers about their needs, check in with colleagues to design/build models, and plenty of internal things to pick up. It’s never boring.

The work structure is flexible as I sometimes do many things simultaneously.

People would be surprised if they knew ___ about Sonum

If they knew a company that’s growing 100% YoY doesn’t work with limited administration and formal hierarchy, still manages itself quite well.

Want to join our international team?

Want to join our international team?

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