Sonum is International

Sonum is International

Let us introduce you to why Sonum is such a great place to work! Here is Anu Koivisto, Anaplan consultant from the Sonum Finland office!

Anu has a strong background in supply chain management, process development, and project management. With extensive experience in global end-to-end supply chains and business environments, she is highly qualified in this field. Having a master’s degree in economics complements her expertise in integrated business planning, as well as a strong track record in implementing global end-to-end supply chain processes and tools.

Originally from Lapland, Finland, Anu speaks Finnish, English, Swedish, and a little bit of Russian. Anu enjoys spending time with family and friends, running trails, and playing tennis in her free time.

What attracted you to working at Sonum?

I have experience working on the business side in different roles in supply chain and I was interested to work on the other side of the table by helping the business with the knowledge and experience that I have gained. Sonum inspired me with its philosophy that is based on entrepreneurship and trust. Moreover, the low hierarchies in organizational structures and the equality that it brings attracted me to work at Sonum.

What qualities are important to have as a consultant?

Ability to understand the big picture, proactivity, problem-solving skills, and curiosity to learn new.

What is your favorite memory of being at Sonum?

I had the privilege to take part in a couple of onsite design workshops in the summer and I really enjoyed working with the clients and learning new things.

Describe Sonum in three words?

Approachable – Working in small, focused teams and flat hierarchies makes Sonum approachable
Team – We are not only teams in different locations but also global project teams and one big Sonum team.
Ambition – Our talented consultants are ambitious to support clients to success

What are you most proud of at Sonum?

I’m proud of working at a company where everyone has equal opportunities.

What would you say to your new colleague who just started at Sonum International?

You have endless opportunities to grow at Sonum. It’s fully up to you in which direction you want to go.

What feeling motivates you to log in to your computer every day?

New day, new opportunities. Every day is a new chance to learn more, grow, and help clients to success.

What does your typical day look like at Sonum?

My daily activities vary from project management to model building and sales. I’m working independently, with teams and clients. One of the best things about Sonum is that there are no typical days.

People would be surprised if they knew ___ about Sonum

I think people may not realize how large and complex solutions our teams implement even for global, large-scale companies.

Want to join our international team?

Want to join our international team?

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