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OneStream XF Excel Addins

by Nicolas Argenté

All accountants in the world know Excel. When you are using OneStream, you do not have to choose between another spreadsheet or Excel: you can have both! With OneStream Excel add-in, but also with the embedded spreadsheet you will create tailor made analysis and reporting solutions. Get your answers in seconds by using the Excel add-in. Here is a guide to get you started.

First, you will need to download the Excel Addin from the Marketplace of OneStream and install it. The Excel Addin version has to match the version of OneStream you are using. The installation is quick and easy, just follow the guidance. You will probably have to restart Excel and then you will see this new menu on the top:

This is to log on to OneStream from Excel. Click on the left button, log on and enter your credentials.

After logging in, you will see the OneStream XF menu offering you already a lot more options. You will also note the quick view on the right.
Here we will be using examples from the Golfstream application offered in the Marketplace.

OneStream Quick Views

Quick views are probably the most usefull part you will use. Building a quick view, is fast and not complicated. It will help you quickly query your data and report on it. Literally in few seconds!

First, go to any cell and type in those 2 members and select them:

Now, click on the quick view icon on the right (1) and Create the quick view (2)

You will notice that in the Quick View that you have added, you gave the dimension type with A# for account and T# for time. This allows OneStream to query the right member in the dimension type. After that you do not need to declare it again and can simply add another time period without the T# as OneStream already knows it is a time column.

Once again, select the table but this time click on rebuild 

This will most probably remind you of the pivot table in Excel.

And like in a pivot table you can drag and drop other dimensions to insert them in your Quick View. It is as simple as that!

OneStream Member Dialog box

Like in the App you can use the member dialog box to easily select or filter the members you would like to show in your report.

And by double clicking on the member directly in Excel, thanks to Excel Addin, you will see its children.

You have probably noticed at this stage that, like in the OneStream Cube View, there is the same color coding for cell status. Green, Red and white for inputs, but you can personalize those colors.

The only limitation I see for now is that the Excel Addin does not have the functionality (yet!) to undo/redo if you make an error.

As you can see with those examples, the Excel Addin can provide you quick access to your data and your reports. The beauty of this is that all accountants know Excel and it is a really quick to learn new tool.

Want to learn more about OneStream XF?

If you want to learn more about handy features of OneStream XF, contact the author of this blog: Nicolas Argenté

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