Automating Information Accessibility to Power your Firm’s Efficiency

Leading law firms have been on a mission to transform how data is managed to boost visibility across systems and generate new levels of insight for strategic advantage. But the process of streamlining access to data and empowering users to maximise its potential poses some significant challenges. What are the key success factors when implementing a new system that not only permits but proactively encourages people to reach for the information they need for peak performance and positive decision-making?

    During this session, our panel will discuss how OneStream enabled Hogan Lovells in:

    • Balancing the leverage of existing investments and introducing new technologies to automate, streamline and optimise business processes and data flows within the firm
    • Standardising financial processes – such as reporting, forecasting, and budgeting, freeing teams to focus on the more detailed analysis that helps a global firm to flex and scale
    • Navigating potential implementation pitfalls to achieve ambitious change projects on time and within budget.

    Speaker line-up

    Chris Rees, group director of finance, Hogan Lovells
    Gemma Miles, group financial controller, Hogan Lovells
    Juan Crosby, partner and global NewLaw services leader, PwC
    Jason McCreight, managing director, Sonum International

    Chaired by Richard Brent, head of content, Briefing

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