Improving Natra’s forecast accuracy through collaborative planning

In this webinar, we discussed how Natra, a global chocolate producer is using Anaplan to improve their forecasting processes. They’re using the centralized platform so their demand planning and commercial sales teams can share knowledge to create more accurate demand forecasts.

We met with the manager of Natra’s demand planning who led this initiative. We also discussed the benefits of connected planning for the consumer packaged goods industry. More specifically, how Anaplan can connect different teams along the supply chain for organizational excellence

    Through connected planning, they are now able to:

    • Create more agile and continuous strategic plans, to enable better, faster decisions when faced with a changing dynamic.
    • Have increased visibility and interlock between strategic and operational plans.
    • Seamlessly connect your business with one single source of truth, to enable intelligent and real-time decisions.

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    Meet the Speakers

    Daniel Molina


    Demand Planning Manager

    Manuel A

    Sergio Oria

    Sonum International

    Business Developer

    David Jorquera

    Andris Ingilavicus

    Sonum International

    Master Anaplanner

    Wiola Peyper

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