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We are also bloggers


Sonum Nordics in Riga

At the beginning of the year Sonum Nordics was inaugurated into our ever-expanding team of international professional networks. It was a proud day not only for our new office but the recent hire of our new colleague, Mikelis Stepanuks, who already joined our new team in the core of the Central district in Riga, Latvia. 

Anaplan Training

It has been a quick start to the year with our new office and recruits, but we’ve had time to host the first Anaplan Training session for a customer’s model builder team at our new office! This is a great opportunity for the customer to step away from day to day routine and discuss best practices for building fast and transparent models, as well as to learn about the newest features of Anaplan. 

We would like to thank Anna Dmytriieva, Elena Zyabreva, and Alona Manina for their participation in the sessions, plenty of good questions, and fantastic time together in Riga. If you would be interested in a Hands-on approach to learning through group sessions with our expert team, please get in touch with us

Hope to see YOU at one of our training!!!

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