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How to Create Connection Between Anaplan and Power BI with API 2.0

Power BI is a popular reporting tool. One of the reasons is that in Power BI you can get data from different sources, and there is an increased interest of our customers and Anaplan builders to be able to import data from Anaplan. In order to make this connection, we developed a solution to set up the integration.

It is possible to have this integration between Anaplan and Power BI using Anaplan Rest APIs. Anaplan released two versions of Rest APIs — 1.3 and 2.0. For version 1.3, the authentication to Anaplan can be done using user and password (basic authentication).

For the Anaplan Rest API version 2.0, the authentication can be done only using a token authenticated, so if version 2.0 will be used, then a token string should be created and should be passed on the actions. 

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