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Cornerstones of Holistic Planning: People, Data, System, Process and Reporting

The State of Connected Planning introduced by Anaplan investigates how leading organizations have accelerated their business value by implementing a Connected Planning approach. It outlines few main trends which can help you to stay ahead of the competitors. One of the trends assume that you have to plan quickly. Aggressively growing companies incorporate data into their plans within days or weeks. What also sets these companies apart, is the use of enterprise-scale planning solutions.

Finally, last trend indicates that the right decisions combine people, data, system and process. Achieving balance between them is the key for Connected Planning. Planning is essential to use your resources wisely and turn plans into action. This short article will focus on main cornerstones of Connected Planning.


Having right people is essential when it comes to the Connected Planning. It is anyone who is involved in the decision-making process from top management to operational positions. They need to be connected, and Connected Planning is a process that brings people together to collaborate and make decisions. It is important that people understand the power of collective decision making based on facts and analysis.


Data is the flow of drivers that go across different use cases that really make up Connected Planning. In this journey, central hub should be considered, this can be enterprise data warehouse or an Anaplan hub. Data is one of the fundamental drivers in the Anaplan Way, so planners have to start thinking about data right up front, paying their attention to data accuracy and cleanliness.


Having right technology, like collaborative platform used by all functions and departments can benefit planning efforts. This can include the integration with other systems, or use of predictive analysis and machine learning as the most useful capabilities of planning technology. Better planning technology can produce better business outcomes. This means that the adoption of a cloud-based Connected Planning platform is critical.


Last, but not least cornerstone of the Connected Planning is the process. Having right processes improves business planning. Through the adoption of best practices and efficient processes, businesses can improve productivity and increase performance. Companies should seek process improvements and best practices for planning.

By connecting people, data, system and processes across the enterprise, businesses get power to make better, faster, and more intelligent decisions. That is why we believe that Connected Planning is the solution.

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