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On-Demand Anaplan Demo:

Using Anaplan’s Optimizer Tool in Supply Chain Planning

The Anaplan Optimizer is an extremely powerful yet underutilized tool, by allowing you to solve complex problems in seconds. The key lies in the fact that you don’t need to be super technical to use the tool, meaning you can have optimization at your fingertips.

We wanted to help you see if the tool is right for you by providing an online demonstration.

Join our resident Optimizer expert and Master Anaplanner Andris Ingilavicus as he shows the power of the Anaplan Optimizer by taking you through a use case, showing how you can quickly minimize your end to end logistics costs. Furthermore, you will also learn how to use the Optimizer to compare multiple scenarios at once to understand how your supply chain can handle any situation you throw at it.

laptop screen of the optimizer tool

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Watch now

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