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Tips for using Table Views in OneStream XF 5.2

Table views can be used when creating Dashboards where relational data is required. This feature offers a flexible solution to design a form or as a data collection tool.

Tips and tricks for using Table views

  • Table views can simply be accessed via the OneStream Windows Application SpreadSheet utility.
  • This feature is designed to update records in a data table and utilizes client-side functionality. It is not possible to do inserts to create new records and does not support paging (for large data sets).
  • The table view is defined in a business rule with new BRAPI functions (also for authorization), this is then inserted into a spreadsheet component.
  • A new SpreadSheet Business Rule type is available with functions like GetCustomSubstVarsInUse, GetTableView and SaveTableView to define the look, feel and behavior of the table.
  • The “OneStream XF Table Views” guide contains explicit examples of possible functionality within the script as an easy starting point.
  • To make the table view more dynamic, diverse parameters can be used. Also, member functions like IsDirty, IsHeader, OriginalValue can be used to determine how the data is processed.
  • The table view uses XFTV named Ranges.
  • Security is included within the script and can be applied on data- or table level.

Tips and tricks for using BI Dashboard Designer & Viewer in OneStream XF 5.2

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