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Other features in OneStream XF 5.2 release

Next to the features described in our previous articles about OneStream XF major 5.2 release, there are also many other interesting new features and enhancements like:

  • A CubeView MD (multi-dimensional) adapter (as discussed above) is available now. With thi the Cube View data can be returned in a structured way for easier processing in dashboards.
  • It is now possible to copy adapter components in dashboards, saving you a lot of time.
  • Spell check is implemented for the text editor and data cell attachments.
  • Various Market Place updates are available, most interesting is the Administrator Solution Tools (combining Home Page Manager, Log Cleaner and Member Formula Builder functionality).

The impact of OneStream XF 5.2

The new 5.2 release adds a lot of functionality to OneStream XF as a platform. With this release, I dare to compete against other BI providers even when consolidation or Business Planning is not in (the first) scope. OneStream is now an adult solution for organizations with specific BI requests that are looking into tools like Tableau and / or Power BI.

More detailed information about BI Dashboard designer & viewer?

If you’d like to read the OneStream documents, it is advised to start with the BI Dashboard Viewer chapter (page 427 of the “BI Dashboard Designer and viewer” document).

Want to learn more about the impact of major OneStream XF 5.2 release on your organization? Please contact us by using the button below.


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