Anaplan connected planning platform enables organizations to accelerate decision making by connecting data, people, and plans across the business.


WE ARE A EXPERTS IN SYSTEMS. Anaplan’s product is a cloud computing, multi-tenant data architecture SaaS platform


Introduction to Anaplan

Anaplan adds value to companies around world in terms of flexibility, performance, user friendliness and maintainability. The ease of learning and implementing Anaplan results in fast and high adoption. Sonum is an Anaplan Gold Partner and has one of the largest number of certified consultants in EMEA, supporting customers around the world in nineteen different languages.

Anaplan accelerates decision making through Connected Planning. Anaplan is one of the fastest growing technologies in the field of Planning and Business Modelling. More and more companies are moving towards Anaplan because it is the most powerful solution, integrating people, data and processes across business functions. Connecting Sales, Supply, Production, HR and Finance to be able to make timely and informed decisions. Anaplan’s platform turns response time to real time.

Key advantages

Below some of the key advantages of Anaplan

User Experience

Collaborative and intuitive user experience, zero coding knowledge required.


Embedded intelligence and optimization to drive insights that matter.

Planning & Modeling

Patented Hyperblock calculation engine provides unmatched flexibility for multi-dimensional modeling.


Interoperability and extensibility with flexible integrations, connectors, and APIs

Enterprise Scale

Performance, resilience, and real-time calculation at any size



Robust protection through user access, identity management, and data encryption

Anaplan in numbers

Simply because numbers speak better than words, here is a quick look of our latest numbers

Anaplan Clients


Sonum's First Implementation

Years of experience at Sonum


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Elevate your S&OP to IBP journey for more financially-driven decision-making

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Excel is no longer enough. New tools are needed.

Almost a year after our Polish team established itself in Warsaw, they collaborated on an article in the Polish edition of Forbes. This article details how Excel can no longer be used as a viable tool for business planning.

Webinar Rewind: Delivering Agile FP&A to Support Rohlik’s Hyper-Growth

During this session, we discussed how the hyper-growing company, Rohlik used Anaplan to provide them agility in their FP&A processes.

Anaplan Demo: Creating a Consensus Demand Plan

Watch our very own Master Anaplanner demonstrate how to create a consensus demand plan within the flexible planning platform, Anaplan.

Webinar Rewind: Improving Natra’s Forecast Accuracy with Collaborative Planning

During this session, we discussed how we helped the global chocolate producer; Natra in implementing Anaplan to optimize their demand forecasting processes.

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