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Anaplan Optimizer: Learn how to Optimize your Supply Chain process with Anaplan

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The management of supply chain and demand planning is becoming increasingly complex due to the globalization and supply chain impacting events such as tariffs and COVID-19 pandemic crisisSupply Chain and Procurement teams are under increasing pressure to streamline supply chain activities while ensuring cost containment and the process continue to improve. Companies must take full view of their supply chain activities in times of crisis and ensure company profitability. The supply chain team must be able to compare different scenarios and run what-if analysis. Can the team close a distribution center, or should open a new one? What if, a supplier cannot provide the agreed level of units? 

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The Anaplan Optimizer model is intended to solve end-to-end (E2E) supply chain challenges. It can help companies to get their E2E costs under control. Supply chain team can optimize their activities and meet the demand of customers using Anaplan. The model considers, but is not limited to – transport costs, production costs, capacity of production plants and distribution centers as well as location of suppliers. 

This model supports 335 customers, 50 distribution centers, 20 production plants, and 130 supplier’s distribution centers. On top, there are 4 SKUs that could be made from 12 raw materials and 4 different packaging types. This means that there are 2.7 trillion possibilities, without any constraints added to solve an issue. Anaplan Optimizer will do that for you! 

You will learn:

  • Challenges of managing the demand between customer sites, production plants, and distribution centers
  • How to minimize supply chain cost for multiple scenarios in a matter of seconds
  • How to compare your Supply Chain scenarios

Featured Speakers

Thijs Spruijt

Thijs Spruijt has 20+ years of experience in complex multidimensional planning and budget model building. His main expertise lies in TM1 but next to this he’s skilled in other tools such as Vena and Anaplan.

Thijs is known for working very secure and creating the most reliable solutions for any of a companies planning, budgeting or forecasting needs.

Andris Ingilavicus

Master Anaplanner Sonum International

Andris combines his experience in supply chain and data analysis to form a unique skill set that can support wide variety of business problems where logic and data proficiency is key for success.

Being able to think outside of the box, Andris is able to efficiently combine tools to find effective and robust solutions. He is known for being client focused and will go the extra mile to accomplish any challenges that a client faces.

Miel Vermeulen

Anaplan Solution Architect at Sonum International

Miel is an project manager with 20+ years of experience in various business segments with an emphasis on business process improvements and big data. He is a very analytic person with passion to resolve complex problems in many different systems.

Within Sonum he is now developing in the building and designing of Anaplan models to bring more efficient solutions to our clients.

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