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Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Latvian, Italian, Russian… we are nearly all there… we just miss you!.



Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Mexican, Italian, Russian… we are nearly all there… we just miss you!.

Our recruitment process

You can apply for a job at Sonum anytime during the year. We also strongly recommend that you join our recruitment program specially designed for junior consultants. This program is intensive and is a great first challenge to join our team. You will meet all our team and start working on tools like Anaplan, OneStream, Vena Solutions.

The recruitment program is only once a year, so do not miss the next one and contact us!

Our open vacancies

From students and entry-level to experienced professionals, Sonum is recruiting all year long. Our consultants combine financial, business and IT expertise and aim to be the best of class, they are completely focused on adding value for our customers. This is reflected in our Anaplan Gold partnership since 2017, which we earned by delivering over 50 successful Anaplan implementations for 20+ different use cases.

We do not believe in corporate structures; we do believe in people who take responsibility and want to build a team based on trust. We offer a flat structure without managers, the possibility to become the owner of the company you work for – at this moment Sonum is owned by over 20 employees and this number is growing every year – and benefit together with your colleagues of the value you create.

Some consultants coming from the recruitment program

Filip Sypniewski

Filip Sypniewski

Buse Chaglayan

Buse Chaglayan

Pedro Peredo

Pedro Peredo

Our recruitment program

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