Sonum is an authorized Anaplan training partner


With the Anaplan platform, organizations are able to plan across a connected enterprise, using the power of a cloud-based solution that leverages data processing in a strong engine to provide valuable insights, and allow the users to take the best decisions at each moment of time. As an official partner, Sonum also helps companies with Anaplan trainings to achieve a good understanding of the platform, so they can make the most of the Connected Planning journey.

Anaplan Training

As an official partner, Sonum also helps companies with Anaplan trainings to achieve a good understanding of the platform, so they can make the most of the Connected Planning journey.


What can you get from the Anaplan trainings?

Sonum consultants provide on-demand Level 1 Anaplan training to companies that seek more self-control and a better understanding of the Anaplan platform. 

By following this official Anaplan training, you will be able to:


  • Understand the basic building blocks of Anaplan (Identify the elements of DISCO (Data, Input, System, Calculation, and Output) in a model schema)
  • Navigate across the platform and find the most useful resources
  • Create models, modules, lists and hierarchies as well as enter/import data
  • Learn the most used formulas of Anaplan
  • Build dashboards and reports
  • Manage user access and security

This is a hands-on course; so at the end of this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to start your journey as an Anaplan Model Builder and follow more advanced, additional training.

Our consultants in The Hague (Netherlands), Madrid (Spain) and Riga (Latvia) hold on-demand training sessions anywhere on the globe. Sonum also offers more advanced and tailored fitted Anaplan trainings focused on fields like Supply Chain Management, HR Planning and much more.

If you are interested in receiving Anaplan training, feel free to contact us here.


Interested in more articles or curious about the tool in practice? Here you will find more info on webinars, events and articles

Anaplan Webinar: Connected financial planning (PL)

Learn how you can combine key elements of your FP&A process into a single collaborative and scalable planning model using Anaplan

Improve your Supply Planning process with Anaplan (PT)

Learn how you can improve your Supply Planning process by using Anaplan

Keyrus and Sonum join forces to bring performance management expertise to the APAC market

Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, has announced a partnership in the Asia Pacific market with Sonum International, an international consultancy firm dedicated to implementing Performance Management solutions.

Agile procurement planning to drive process efficiencies and bottom-line cost savings

Learn about How AB InBev leverages Anaplan’s cloud platform to track purchases, manage supplier performance, and forecast commodity expenditures

On-Demand Webinar: Optimize your Supply Chain process with Anaplan

The management of supply chain and demand planning is becoming increasingly complex due to the globalization and supply chain impacting events such as tariffs and COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


Below a selection of some interesting projects we did that helped our clients to bring their processes to the next level

On-the-fly multidimensional financial insight

Europe’s biggest online travel seller incorporates diverse data to build budgets and forecasts—and does it quickly and collaboratively

Workforce Planning

Anaplan allows calculation of all the People costs (both PS and NPS) for all the zones based on positions. After being succesfully implemented at EUR, a Global roll-out scope was carried out.

Financial Planning and Analysis

A multi-dimensional model  where 13+ countries directly enter their budget in the model, while actuals are loaded in a fully automated process

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